Album Cover
Wild Card
Jerry Hannan
Released: Jan 20, 2009
Label: Wild Card Records
Track Listing
2 One More Step
3 Society
4 Brother Know
5 Sandcastle
6 Sounds Like A Story
7 Gone
8 Peaceful World
9 Burning Man Revisited
10 Hallelujah

Liner Notes

Recorded mostly at The Plant in Sausalito CA - and at the BBC in Larkspur CA

Mixed by Jim Reitzel

All songs and performances by Jerry Hannan except:

Weisenborn on "EGBA" and "Peaceful World" by Chris Haugen

Drums on "Gone" by Adam Bagel Berkowitz


Far West Festival Review
Northern California Blues Review
I mentioned earlier the joy of catching really good new acts at these festivals. Such was definitely the case with the next couple of acts we saw. Jerry Hannan and his troupers were phenomenal. Jerry’s a folk based guy that is an amazing song writer and performer. The stories told through his lyrics are spellbinding and his energetic stage presence is infectious. At times while listening you can help but be reminded of Bob Dylan in the early days of his folk excellence. Other times you are thinking of John Prine. Some tunes from his newest album, “Wild Card”, had the audience in awe. Cut’s like “EGBA”, (Everything’s Gonna be Alright) , and “Sandcastles” are incredible. Another great tune is “Society”, a song featured in the Sean Penn movie, “Into the Wild”. This is definitely one of the best acts we’ve seen in a summer filled with music festivals and I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again. [Read More...]
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